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Over the last several months I have written multiple times about these two Windows 10 based tablets from Nuvision.

They were offered at a very good discount from the Microsoft Store a couple of holiday seasons ago and that deal resulted in a lot of new owners grabbing the devices. Overall, despite their limited storage, low end processors and minimal RAM they are very good consumption devices for use as a second screen.

I originally wrote a guide that covered how to do a clean install of Windows 10 on each of these devices using a USB hub plus a wired keyboard and mouse.

In April and June of this year, the drivers for these devices became unavailable on the Nuvision support site. I was able to confirm that the entire downloads page was pulled as the company worked on an overhaul of the page but at that time they provided me with the hidden URL for the original driver downloads. This worked fine for about two months before that page also became unavailable for some reason. I was never able to confirm what happened that second time around.

So in June of this year, I took matters into my own hands after upgrading each of these devices to the April 2018 Update and used PowerShell to export the drivers. I then made those packages available here on the site through my own Downloads Library. They have been very popular with nearly 2,000 total downloads since they were posted in early June.

In mid-August, one of our readers commented that the Nuvision Download page had returned and I have since verified that is the case. In fact, compared to its predecessor, the new Nuvision Download Center is a very nice makeover.

At the Nuvision Download Center you will find links to not only these two tablets for their operating system download and driver packages but you will find the same for all of the devices they currently support.

So you now have the official resource available for grabbing those downloads however, I have no plans to pull the driver packages that are in our Downloads Library anytime soon. You never know when they might be needed again.

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