EA Access was one of the first Xbox based subscription services to become available on Microsoft’s current generation of gaming consoles. It is also one of the best gaming values out there when you subscribe at the annual subscription rate of $29.99 compared to the monthly subscription cost of $4.99.

That subscription, whether you choose the monthly or annual option, gives you some really great benefits:

  • Library of more than 50 games
  • Early Access trails of upcoming games (10 hours)
  • 10% discount for digital purchases on Xbox One, including full games, season passes, DLC and Ultimate Team content

While you are subscribed to EA Access you retain the ability to install and play games in the library at anytime. You earn achievements and gamerscore that is yours to keep even after your subscription expires. There is no set timeframe when games are added to the EA Access library but if you are patient and can wait it out, then you can get access to these games at no cost beyond your subscription fee.

Right now, EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive subscription so if you are looking for this on PC or PS4 and not finding it – that is why.

On the Xbox One, you gain access to this subscription through the EA Access Hub. Recently this hub has gotten a big makeover which has helped with performance, the first version was horrendously slow to load/navigate, plus you get access to the entire library of games, trials, etc. in one place.

Here are screenshots from the new EA Access Hub that is now available to all Xbox One users after its period of testing by Xbox Insiders. As you will see, there is a lot of information in the hub including all the details about each game so you can make your download decisions easily.

EA Access Hub Screenshot Gallery

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