It appears Microsoft is ready to make the redesign available to the general public.

The Beta began last August and has gone through a handful of iterations to test multiple changes to the web based email interface. Improvements have been made across the service and so the company is removing the beta toggle and tag from the new interface.

Included among the many areas of this sweeping update:

  • Improved search
  • Photos tab for images included in emails
  • Emojis and GIFs
  • Dark Mode/Theme

A launcher is also available that includes links to the web based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway, Skype, OneDrive and Flow.

It was as I logged into my own test email account earlier today that I discovered the beta was wrapping up. I grabbed screenshots of the intro screens and several other views to show off the new interface including the Dark Mode/Theme. I checked a couple of my other accounts and they still show the Beta toggle so I suspect this release roll out is just getting started.

I think Dark Mode/Themes is the latest rage sweeping across the web and I personally welcome it. It is so much easier on the eyes and has an impact on battery life because it requires less power to show dark pixels than displaying light/white pixels.

Dark Mode All The Things!

Update:  As I continued exploring the final release of the new, I noticed that my Calendar section is still showing a Beta Toggle.

Calendar Tab in

So, while it appears the overall has indeed left beta and has begun rolling out, some elements may still be retaining the beta status for further testing. Update Screenshots Gallery

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