Have you heard of Xbox Game Pass yet?

It is a monthly subscription from Microsoft that provides access to a library of more than 100 games that are yours to play, earn gamerscore, and even complete the achievements associated with the title.

You can view the current list of games in the library at the official Xbox Game Pass website and see what fits your gaming preferences.

In addition to the current list of games, Microsoft announced at E3 earlier this month that all first party titles will be available as part of the subscription on the day of their release. For instance, when Forza Horizon 4 is released on October 2nd, it will also be ready to download under an Xbox Game Pass subscription since Playground Games is now a Microsoft Studio for game development. Other franchises that fall under this include the Halo, Minecraft, and Gears of War’s games.

Currently Xbox Game Pass cost $9.99 a month but thanks to a generous benefactor, I have a one month code to give away so someone can try out the service for themselves.

The games under this subscription remain licensed to play as long as you maintain your subscription so the choice to continue is yours after 30 days. On the other hand you could spend an intense month gaming across as many titles as possible. The gamerscore and achievements are yours to keep even if the subscription expires.

So if you want to try out Xbox Game Pass, just comment on this article and I will randomly select a winner next Tuesday, July 3rd, after 9 PM Eastern Time.

Good Luck.


  1. Aghtar


  2. VSlaven

    I believe this might be the future of gaming (or a part of it). Thanjs for the giveaway ‘cause I do love game pass.

  3. Justin Fontenot

    Tried Game Pass trial and really liked it. Would be great to reactivate those games.

  4. Robert Haluska

    My Son would love this! THANK-YOU!

    • Richard Hay

      Robert – looks like your son is going to get to try it out as well! Congrats – you just got selected randomly as the winner of the 30 day Xbox Game Pass Code! Contact me through our Contact Form so we can coordinate getting the code delivered to you.

  5. James Rufer

    Comment! 😎

  6. Jim Jones

    I’ll give it a try!

  7. MohammadMSFT

    Game Pass is super super awesome .. all gears of war .. halo .. tomb raider … and all microsoft exclusive game only for $10 😍😍

  8. Jose Carlos Villarino

    Good luck to everyone!

  9. Jose Carlos Villarino

    I love the gamepass 💚🎮 i wish it were part of the xbox live sub but nobody is perfect 🙂