I recently added an update to one of my most popular articles here at WindowsObserver concerning the clean install process for two NuVision Windows 10 based tablets. The manufacturer had relocated the driver downloads for their older Windows tablets because they were in the process of updating their download center for those drivers. At least that is what a company rep told me via phone support when I called looking for the drivers because my articles link were showing them as not being found on their original page.

That updated address did allow me to access those drivers and I was able to document and perform that clean install last fall without issue. I added the updated link to the drivers and moved on from that challenge.

However, in recent days I have been getting emails from readers stating that the updated download page is still there but any attempt to download drivers from the included links is now failing to find those drivers. I went and checked things out and this was in fact the case.

This is disappointing because I imagine there are a lot of folks with these two specific tablet models. The TM101W610L Solo Draw 10 inch tablet and the TM800W610L 8 inch tablet were sold at significant discounts through the Microsoft Store a couple of holiday seasons ago. A lot of folks bought them but now it appears support is being deprecated by their manufacturer.

That is unfortunate because there is a lot of life left in these devices.

When the Windows 10 April 2018 Update was released back in early April I was able to easily do in place upgrades on both of those tablets thanks to updates made during the Redstone 4 development process.

While all of this is great there is now an issue for owners of these two popular tablets. No driver downloads means no clean installs because several of the drivers on each device are not included in the box with Windows 10. Like many of you I did not save those downloads so they are not available as a backup even on my own network storage drive where I keep things like that for posterity.

So at this point I seemed to recall that there was a way to back-up third party drivers on a Windows 10 based device using PowerShell. Off I went in search of this magic elixir and I found this article at Microsoft’s Windows IT Pro Center on how to use the PowerShell command Export-WindowsDriver.

So I went to my TM101W610L and TM800W610L, fired up PowerShell as an Administrator and ran this command:

Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination C:\Drivers

This command will extract all third party OEM drivers from your current Windows installation to a directory called C:\Drivers.

So I did this command on both the TM800 and TM101 tablets and extracted the entire batch of third party drivers for these two Windows tablets. I then saved them as zip archives and will make them available via this site with no guarantees of any sort – just as a service to my fellow TM800 and TM101 tablet owners. At least it helps prevent these two tablets from ending up on the scrap heap.

The names inside of these archives are a bit cryptic so my recommendation is that you just target the main directory when updating drivers after a clean install. In Device Manager check the block to look in sub-directories as well. Your Windows 10 system should be able to scan and find the right driver that you need.

Here are the direct download links from my download repository:

You can also access them on this download page.

If you have any questions let me know and enjoy your tablets once again!

P.S. If you use these drivers please let us know how they worked out in the comments below – thanks!

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