Who moved my cheese? Or in this case, who moved the option to delete previous versions of Windows on Redstone 5 Build 17661?

Actually, in the early stages of testing new feature updates for Windows 10, it is not at all uncommon for items to be shuffled around. Often this is done for testing purposes and sometimes just to give an option a temporary home.

As Windows Insiders there is one feature of Windows 10 that we use more than regular everyday users. When you install weekly development builds the option to remove previous versions of Windows comes in very handy. This is especially true on low storage devices.

Well yesterday, after installing Redstone 5 Build 17661, I opened up the Storage Settings to clean up the previous build. For some reason, the option, which is normally located under Windows Settings > System > Storage > Local Storage > Temporary files, was not visible.

Thanks to a tip from Robert Parker on Twitter, I found the missing clean up option in an unexpected location.

Rather than being in the same place as previous versions of Windows 10, in Redstone 5 Build 17661 it is tucked away at Windows Settings > System > Storage > Storage sense > Change how we free up space automatically.

Whether or not this is a temporary holding spot for the feature is unknown at this point. We will however, keep our eye on this in subsequent builds for Redstone 5.

Redstone 5 Build 17661 Clean Up Previous Versions of Windows Screenshots

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