Today has been a good tech day!

Microsoft announced last week that the fifth feature update for Windows 10 would become available starting today. That happened around 1 PM here on the East coast.

The Windows 10 April 2018 Update, aka Windows 10 Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.1), was made available through multiple distribution channels.

Existing Windows 10 users who want to go ahead and upgrade have three key options:

All three of these options have varying steps and my recommendation in order of their challenge levels would be to start with Windows Update, then the Update Assistant, and finally the Media Creation Tool.

Note: If you are an MSDN/Visual Studio subscriber you will also find the Windows 10 April 2018 Update available for download there as an ISO.

It is great to see this feature update hit the streets finally after several months of testing by the Windows Insiders. My excitement got bumped up today when I tried something I wasn’t thinking about even taking on at this point.

Background: One of my popular articles here is from last fall when I showed everyone how to clean install Windows 10 on the NuVision TM800W610L (8 inch) and the TM101W610L Solo Draw (10 inch) tablets. These were offered at the Microsoft Store for great discounts and a lot of people took advantage of the deal.

While the tablets are not meant to be powerhouses, they are powered by Atom CPU’s with just 2 GB of RAM, plus they are low storage devices with just 32GB available on each of them.

That presents challenges when doing upgrade installs from one feature update to another. Many readers have shared with me that their tablets simply end up in a non-usable state. They end up being set aside and collect dust from that point forward.

So when I published that clean install article last year, as evidenced by the responses I have received here and on social media, it helped a lot of folks recover the use of their NuVision tablets.

Well with the upcoming release of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update on its way I have been contemplating a clean install on each tablet to get the feature update. Both of these tablets have been running Windows 10 Version 1709 from last year since their clean installs but I just knew an update attempt to this new feature update would be full of challenges. Thus why I was planning to pull out all my clean install gear to get them upgraded.

Well, the Windows 10 April 2018 Update was pushed out to Windows Update so that users could manually check for the upgrade.

Update (04 June 2018): The drivers for these two tablets have once again become unavailable even though the download page still displays links to them and other devices. So I took matters into my own hands and using some PowerShell magic I extracted all of the third party drivers from my TM800 and TM101 tablets running Windows 10 and I am providing them as downloads from this site. This is a service to the community of owners for these two popular devices and they are provided without any warranty or any other guarantee. Check out the details and get links to the downloads at my NuVision TM800W610L & TM101W610L Windows Tablet Driver Downloads article.

At this point let my Twitter thread tell the rest of the story – and yes – it has a happy outcome!

I just finished some setup for the Start Screen and a couple of my consumption related apps and they are ready to venture forth in this bold new world of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

Do you also have one of these NuVision tablets? Would love to hear how your upgrade went to Windows 10 Version 1803. Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Daniel Ireland

    Richard, your posts on the Nuvision TM800W610L Windows tablet has been very helpful. Thanks for all the information. I thought I’d share my experience with both the 1803 and 1809 updates that might help some others. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t free up enough space for the updates even though I thought the 9.7 GB I had free for the 1809 update would be enough. The update process in both instances was kind enough to notify me of my insufficient storage and offer me the option to use an external drive. Windows update refuses to use the micro SD card for the update. At this point I unplugged the power, plugged in a 32 GB USB flash drive and pointed to it for the update to continue.

    As the update process continued the tablet shut itself off when the battery got low. Even though it shut down during the “Do not shut down your computer” message, I completely charged the device, plugged the flash drive back in and turned on the tablet and it picked up the update where it left off and finished without any problem.

    I’m not sure I would recommend this to others but it worked for me on both occasions. A better process might be to unplug the flash drive before the tablet shuts off from low battery and plug in the power to charge the computer. Windows update is likely smart enough to pause the update when it no longer sees the flash drive and give you a chance to plug it back in, which you could do after fully charging the tablet. Either way, if I run into problems I’ll follow your advice for doing a clean install.

    Through some posts on other sites I was able to move my Office installation to the micro SD card so I’ve got a little more free space now. I’m hoping the next update won’t require the flash drive. This tablet suits my needs perfectly for ultra portable computing, despite its limitations. People love to complain about Windows but the fact that it runs as well as it does on these types of devices is pretty remarkable.

    • Richard Hay


      Thanks for sharing some great insight and tips about this process. It shouldn’t need all this maneuvering but I do believe the new Reserved Storage feature should begin helping to address this space issue on future updates after 1903 comes out.

  2. Davin Peterson

    I have the TM800W610L and ithe Fall 2017 Update showed up in Windows Update the day it was released. It installed smoothly and took just over 3 hours to install. I expect the same for the April 2018 which I will try tomorrow. I am doing my HP PC today.

    • Richard Hay

      That is good to hear – I did not have that same experience which led to this posting about how to clean install to recover. I hope your April 2018 Update goes as smoothly as mine did today!


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