This week Firefox wrapped up their work on a new version of the Firefox browser named Quantum.

This update, which begins as Version 57 of the browser, is a major overhaul of the code within Firefox and, according to Mozilla, is the biggest update in more than 10 years. Nearly 75% of the code was worked on for the Quantum update.

Mozilla claims this update is twice as fast compared to Chrome and uses 30% less memory than Google’s browser.

Not sure why there is no comparison to Microsoft Edge but I suspect that is being tested in the backrooms of both organizations right now. I am sure we will here about the comparison one way or the other because someone will consider themselves superior to the other browser.

I use Firefox daily because of sites I must access for work and so far my perception is that the Quantum update for the browser is solid. Certainly seems faster and I agree with Paul Thurrott’s assessment that the text rendering is crisp in this update.

If you are curious about some of the stats behind this update, Mozilla has provided a blog post that shares how many lines of code, compatible web extensions, and how many bugs were filed in various areas of the browser during the development process.

Otherwise, you can go ahead and download Firefox Quantum for these systems: