I have been blessed to be a Microsoft MVP since 2010 when I received my first award in the Windows for Consumers MVP category.

The MVP Program has gone through a transition this year and all consumer related categories have been discontinued. A couple of years ago the Xbox MVPs moved to a new program that is directly managed by the Xbox Product Team and now this year many members of the various consumer categories of the existing MVP program have now moved into a new program that is being taken care of by the Windows product team.

This new recognition is called the Windows Insider MVP Award and is very fledgling but over the last few months and continuing forward many of the intricate details are being sorted out for all of the awardees. It is expected that sometime in 2017 the opportunity will open up for others to be nominated and considered for the award. I will post more details of this here at WindowsObserver.com once it becomes public.

In the meantime, those of us who are in the inaugural group of Windows Insider MVPs have begun receiving our award packages from Microsoft and mine arrived this morning.

I was just going to do some photos of the award and its packaging but was encouraged by fellow MVPs on Twitter to do an unboxing video so that is what I have done.

Here are some images that I took of the award package and its contents to give you a clearer view.

I also continue to hold a Microsoft MVP award in the Windows and Devices for IT category which I received earlier this year. If you want to learn more about Microsoft’s MVP Program be sure to visit the main website.

If you are interested in becoming an MVP my biggest recommendation/advice is to get involved with things you are passionate about and then start sharing that passion with others through blogging, social media, videos, and whatever other means of communications are available to you.

That passion is the secret sauce that will result in you being recognized for your efforts on many levels and possibly in the future within the Microsoft MVP Program.