I have had the opportunity to try out all kinds of gadgets and one brand I keep coming back to are the products from iClever.

While trying out their products I have always been impressed with their build quality, durability and design.

They travel extremely well, especially with the collapsible prongs that folder back into the chargers body to make it nice and compact.

I love the flexibility they give me on the road and even around the house.

Today the folks over at iClever are offering one of their popular USB wall chargers, the BoostCube 4.8A 24W Dual USB Wall Charger, which works with nearly all of your popular electronics that can charge via USB.

Based on my past experiences with products from iClever and their great customer support I have no issues recommending them to you as well.  Plus over 7,200 other customers, 84% of which gave this item 5 stars on Amazon, say it is well worth the price.

As a bonus you can use code PWFALWTA at checkout and save $3 off the current price of $9.99 and pick up this handy charger for just $6.99 which makes it an even better deal.