The Android Cortana app just took a step closer to its Windows counterpart by adding voice activation using the phrase “Hey Cortana”

Microsoft has been testing Coratana on Android for a couple of months now and the latest update now allows hand free use of Cortana on your Android based handset.

The Cortana app on Android started as a private beta but has been open for anyone on Android since August of this year.

For those concerned it is opt in so you just open up the Cortana app and select Settings to activate the feature.

Although Cortana can not tie in deeply to the Android OS like it does on Windows devices the experience on Android is nearly identical to the Windows based experience.

It definitely fulfills Satya Nadella’s vision about the portability of the experience despite the¬†platform it happens on.

Hey Cortana on Android

“Hey Cortana Settings on Android”


Cortana on Android

Cortana on Android