Of course, the caveat is that those same preview members must opt in for the New Xbox Experience (NXOE).

Preview members just need to open the Xbox Preview Dashboard on their Xbox One console and register to receive the NXOE. It will not happen by default unless the user chooses to join.

Xbox’s Mike Ybarra, Partner Director of Program Management for the Xbox and Windows Platform, revealed this likelihood when he responded to a question on Twitter this weekend when someone asked about the program expanding:

If you do the math, the next few days brings us to Tuesday morning when Microsoft is expected to make several new hardware announcements in New York City. It is very likely this roll out to all opted in preview members will be formally announced during that event.

Microsoft has made a huge investment around Windows 10 and connecting devices running the new operating system to its Xbox One console through the Windows 10 Xbox app. The NXOE is the preview program that is testing Windows 10 on the console which is scheduled to arrive on the Xbox One console in November of this year.

Source: Mike Ybarra on Twitter via WinBeta