It’s a world dominated by cloud. Today’s communication is moving towards the endless advantage of using cloud computing, causing businesses from large corporations and startups to change the way they do business from operations to client communication.

Here is a compiled list of the advantages derived from using cloud-based technology to allow companies to move faster into the digital frontier.

Network Virtualization. The current network traffic patterns are shifting significantly because of the following factors:

  • More applications and information are moving from enterprise and service provider’s networks into cloud computing and data centers. This includes web hosting, information database, security and communication.
  • The spread of bandwidth-demanding mobile broadband services amounting to five billion subscriptions (and counting) this year.
  • User’s ever-increasing demand for improved service and communication.

Business owners need to rethink the design and evolution of their networks in order to cope with such traffic patterns and dynamic capacity necessities. They need to combine different hardware and software network resources into a virtual network that are securely managed via a secure software.

Updated technology. If we can glean one thing from the digital age, it’s that users are increasingly using an arsenal of devices and multiple network technologies to gain access to their data and applications in the cloud. Cloud computing gives you the flexibility of communicating with your customers and providing quick feedback.

Moreover, cloud computing lets your staff work faster and be more productive with their tasks. Because cloud services happen in real time, your staff can collaborate on any project more quickly and assess each other’s work, streamlining tasks and producing better output.

Building new services in the cloud. Once a business starts using cloud services, they can offer better services that go beyond their past capabilities. These services can include consumer services like communications, entertainment, data management, backup, and even enterprise services.

ROI Contribution. Cloud computing can provide a steady increase in provisioning speed, which allows businesses to get the resources they require faster. And because resource customizations are visible, cloud speeds up the selection of multi-sourced resources, which can instantly cut the time to deployment of new products or services. This applies to platform and application sources, as well as to physical infrastructures.

Apart from accelerating the business process execution, cloud computing also speed up the process of IT asset management. The use of IT has become a staple in the digital age. The investment in knowledge, data, and infrastructure assets and software today represent the operation lifeblood for most businesses.

Unified Communication. One of technology’s best gift is the speed of communication. Most of us today use one form or another of cloud-based tools for unified communications. This includes chat and video conferences such as Skype. With the rise of HTML5 and Web-RTC, cloud-based communications are now a significant threat to the traditional unified communications businesses.

All this to say that if you’re still not using cloud computing, you’re already behind.

With cloud computing, any business gains the benefit of efficient process, enhanced communication and overall boost in the business itself. It’s about time you step into the fold.