Talk about what a security boon this would be for anyone in any country!

Just this morning in Episode 155 of the Observed Tech PODCAST we talked about the experiment the How-To Geek website did by installing the top 10 software programs and the mess it created including installing some software add-ons without permission.

Now this news out of Canada that a law has gone into effect that makes it illegal for any business or website to install software without a users express consent.

For example, under the new requirements, it is now illegal for a website to automatically install software on a visitor’s computer or for an app on your phone to be updated without first obtaining consent. These requirements are designed to protect Canadian consumers from the most damaging and deceptive forms of spam and online threats while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.

Last year the new Canadian Spam law caused many US based companies to change how they distribute information via email into Canada so it will be interesting to see how this new law impacts US based software companies and other business who distribute and sell software.

Thanks to my fellow MVP Corrine Chorney who shared this link on Facebook.