It all started with Tweetium App for Windows Phone back in July 2014 when its developer,Brandon Paddock a former Microsoft employee, released an early beta of a mobile version of his very popular Tweetium App for Windows 8.1 which itself had been made available in late 2013.

The release of the Windows Phone Tweetium App Beta followed Build 2014 where Microsoft made a significant push for Universal Apps and the ability to share code between desktop and phone apps.

Now after 5 1/2 months of solid beta testing by hundreds and thousands of users Brandon surprised everyone on Christmas Eve and released version 3.0 of Tweetium App for Windows Phone. This release takes Tweetium App for WP form the beta world to the living breathing world of an official app.

There are a lot of changes both visually and under the surface of the app – here is a summary from Brandon:

  • New theme system! You can now choose from a wide selection of background and accent colors
    • There are no longer “glow” or the diagonal line themes, but if you really miss these please let me know!
  • Multiple photo upload is now supported
  • Added “Start at last read” option
  • Connect+ is now enabled by default for all Pro users
    • More improvements to this coming via server updates soon
  • Updated UI for profiles (particularly in portrait layout)
  • Many UI and layout tweaks throughout the app
  • Last read indicator is now attached to the top of the last read tweet, to help keep it from going under scrollbars
  • Performance improvements
  • Reduced battery and bandwidth usage
  • Reduced occurrences of (non-stream) rate limit errors
  • Fixed image embedding for conversation entries with multiple images
  • Worked around a phone-only OS bug causing secondary touch contacts to trigger accidental thread expansions or button/link presses.
  • Cancel pending thread expansions when moved off-screen
  • Workaround for unmute function being undone by mute roaming
  • Fixes to loading and position restoration

Now for those of you who also use Tweetium App for Windows on your desktop this update of the phone version to 3.0 means that this release also brings the 3.0 update to the desktop version of Tweetium App.  If you have been paying attention over the course of the summer as Brandon has made updates to his apps he was easily able to implement those features and fixes in both versions.  That is all thanks to the concept of Universal Apps – which brings us back full circle to the birth of Tweetium App for Windows Phone.

According to the Tweetium App release page many fixes and tweaks to the final Windows Phone betas of Tweetium App are also included in the desktop 3.0 release:

  • Revamped “jump to last read” experience
  • Refined thread expand/collapse UX and animations for vertical layout
  • View states are now preserved when switching accounts if the “restore position on all view switches” option is checked
  • User photos/avatars in the main list are now links to their profiles, and support context menu actions.
  • Jump to last read is now available in the app bar for PC users (makes it accessible in snap / narrow views)
  • Ensure the last read marker is above the AppBar when jumping to it on phone
  • Fixed some cases where the touch keyboard would cover the reply composer in DM threads
  • Fixed a problem where the new grouped RT search results would hide the original tweet
  • Fixed a layout problem in the last update where text could overlap the tweet age indicator
  • Fixed a possible crash on resuming with threads expanded (and possibly other cases)
  • Possible fix for a rare reported issue where expanded thread content is replaced with “undefined” messages
  • Fix for a bug in the last update where pressing back to cancel a thread load would leave the original tile disabled.
  • Fix for a case where pressing the back button multiple times quickly could lead to duplicates of the original tweet tile appearing in the view
  • Workaround for an OS bug on phone which could cause the app UI / scrollers to break if the phone is rotated while inertia is happening
  • Same workaround for a similar case with inertia and resuming
  • Fixed issues with suspending and resuming while changing views
  • Fixed disappearing profile control on suspend/resume
  • Fixed some cases where the “Loading new tweets…” indicator would appear or stay unexpectedly
  • Fixed a problem preventing the tile badge (number) from clearing when items are read on another device
  • Other reliability improvements

Many thanks to Brandon who is a dedicated developer, listens to users feedback and works hard to make the best possible experience with his apps.

We do appreciate the unexpected Christmas gift Brandon!

Download Tweetium App for Windows Phone Version 3.0

Download Tweetium App for Windows 8.1 Version 3.0