Comcast has begun notifying customers that are not using their equipment that effective on 21 October 2014 the Limited Basic service will be encrypted and not accessible without their gear in place.

According to a letter some customers received recently subscribers will be entitled to get this gear free for a limited period of time.

If you have a digital set-top box, digital adapter (DTA) or retail CableCARD TM device connected to each of your TVs, you will be unaffected by this change. However, if you are currently receiving Comcast’s Limited Basic service on any without equipment supplied by Comcast, you will lose the ability to view any channels on that TV. If you are affected, you should contact Comcast at 1-855-860-8989 to arrange for the equipment you need to continue receiving your services. In such case, you are entitled to receive equipment at no additional charge or service fee for a limited period of time. The number and type of devices you are entitled to receive, and for how long, will vary depending on your situation:

  • If you are a Limited Basic customer and receive the service on your TV without Comcast-supplied equipment, you are entitled to up to two devices for two years (five years if you also receive Medicaid).
  • If you subscribe to a higher level of service and receive Limited Basic service on a secondary TV without Comcast-supplied equipment, you are entitled to one device for one year.

More info is available at

According to Comcast, customers affected by this must request the equipment between 21 Sep 2014 and 18 Feb 2015 plus meet all other eligibility requirements.

Source: Comcast Customer Letter