With a 25 September shutdown deadline looming in the next week many TwitPic users were scrambling to find ways to save the thousands of photos they have shared using the service.

Many were no happy because apparently TwitPic was blocking efforts by an Internet archive to download the image repository for posterity.

Well all those woes can now be settled because earlier toda, according to the services founder Noah Everett, they have been acquired.

No other details have been released about the details of the acquisition as I am sure lawyers are taking care of all the paperwork, etc.

The only thought on the mind of users is likely a sense of relief that their data will remain accessible.

However, it is a valuable lesson in something we do routinely in these days of services on the web. We easily hand over stuff we want to keep yet it is at the mercy of a service that might not always be around.

TwitPic’s recent drama is a valuable lesson in that for sure.

We will update this post once the details of the acquisition are revealed.