As I spend my day reviewing and curating links to Twitter I have a couple of tools that are critical in that process.

The first is Feedly which became my Google Reader replacement for tracking about 135 RSS feeds I follow.

Nextgen Reader is the other one. This universal app is available on Windows Phone and Windows and I have discussed the app regularly here on the site, my podcast and of course on Twitter.

I review my daily intake of RSS feeds multiple times a day with Nextgen Reader both when I am on the move and on my Windows 8.1 desktop or Surface 2.

My standard practice as I reviewed the links from all those RSS feeds was to open interesting items in Modern IE and then use the Share Charm to send it to my PODAST Items notebook in OneNote. Then later in the week I build my podcast show notes from that list of items that have been shared during the week.

In order to save a few steps and time I copy the link directly to my show notes page because I then copy and paste that entire list of links to a blog post that accompanies each week’s show. By having the links already complete I am able to do that in just a few minutes.

So that brings me full circle back to Nextgen Reader and this app update. Prior to this update if I used the Share Charm that is integrated in Nextgen Reader I could easily share to OneNote however the link back to the story would be formatted just as the URL and not the nice clean story title link.

Well, thanks to the responsive developer behind Nextgen Reader he took a look at that and with this recent update to the Windows 8/8.1 app the formatting of those stories shared directly from within Nextgen Reader are now formatted with the clean story title link instead of the bare URL link.

This means I no longer have to leave Nextgen Reader when I am reviewing RSS feed items to share it to OneNote. No more waiting for Modern IE to open up the website and then opening the Share Charm to place the story in my podcast items notebook in OneNote.

For the number of items I review and share each day this will result in a significant times savings in my daily routine and who doesn’t benefit from your time being better spent.

Here are some screenshots to show the improvement Nextgen Reader has added with this update:





You can check out Nextgen Reader in the Windows Store the cost of the app is well worth it and as you can see the developer is engaged and constantly updating the app to improve it on Windows and Windows Phone.