Prognoza is the Czechoslovakian word for forecast. It is also the name of a popular Windows Phone weather app that is developed by Dino Borogovac. The app has garnered 488 reviews and averages just over 4 stars.

There are a lot of weather apps in the Windows Phone store and until last week I had never heard of Prognoza.

That changed when one day, while I was waiting for my car to have its tires rotated, I stepped outside with my Nokia Lumia 1520 to grab a shot of the clouds that were forming.

WP_20140818_13_13_16_Pro 1

I then shared this image on Twitter because it was so unique and within just a few minutes Dino replied and asked me about using it in his weather app. I thought that would be pretty cool so I sent him the high resolution version of the image so he could crop and resize it as needed.

According to Dino the weather state that image is used for, partly cloudy, is the most used weather condition in his app.

He has put the image into use in a few spots throughout the app:


It can also be used as a background image on the Lock Screen if you set the app up like that.

So if you are looking for a weather app to check out give Prognoza a try.

Dino has also provided me with several special codes that will unlock your installation of Prognoza for the entire time it is installed on your phone. The code will stop working if you uninstall the app and then you would be required to pay the $1.29 purchase price.

Just comment below once you have installed the app and I will send you a code.

To use the code just enter the Information page from the app bar and then go to the State page where you can then enter the code.