Microsoft releases system update to improve OneDrive reliability on Windows 8.1

Today Microsoft has made available a small system update for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 via Windows Update.

The update, referenced as Knowledge Base article 2980654, is a rollup that includes reliability improvements for Microsoft OneDrive.

The update, just 2.1Mb in size, can be downloaded and installed from Windows Update.

If you need to grab the update separately then there are two downloads available depending on your operating system:

If you are on Windows RT 8.1 then you must download the update through Windows Update.

I do not see any immediate UI differences and the KB article does not give much detail for this update however, it did bump up some of the build numbers on the OneDrive>More info properties page:

  • OneDrive version goes to 6.3.9600.17230 from 6.3.9600.17122
  • OneDrive app (.dll file) remains 6.3.9600.17122
  • Sync engine (.dll file) goes to 6.3.9600.17230 from 6.3.9600.17128

Are you noticing anything different with OneDrive on your system following this update?

5 thoughts on “Microsoft releases system update to improve OneDrive reliability on Windows 8.1

  1. This update caused my onedrive sync to crash. I found this because whenever my computer updated the onedrive sync crashed. I uninstalled them one by one and this one was causing the sync crash!

  2. I hope it fixes the bug some of us are seeing where the OneDrive icon in the Desktop continuously reports the wrong status (e.g. stuck on “OneDrive is starting up…” or “Last Sync April 20, 1969”).

    • It fixed the error on my end. Microsoft needs to really get on the ball on these patches and updates. Beginning to loose faith.

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