Brandon Paddock, the developer of the extremely popular modern app Tweetium for Windows, has shared an early private beta with some users as he ramps development of a Windows Phone version of his Twitter app.

Tweetium for Windows Phone will look very familiar as the interface is a near duplication of what users see in his modern app version of Tweetium. Brandon has also linked the Windows Phone version to the desktop/tablet version and that means when you pay for the app or its pro subscription offering those purchases will be available at no additional cost on the other platform.

For instance, I had already purchased the app and a pro subscription for Tweetium for Windows when it came out last year. Upon installing the Windows Phone beta last night I was able to download and install it without a re-purchase and my pro sub was there as well.

In fact, the first time I ran Tweetium for Windows Phone it already had all my accounts setup because the two apps will share that type of information across platforms.

Here are some screenshots to show you how Tweetium for Windows Phone is looking at this early stage.

wp_ss_20140715_0002 wp_ss_20140715_0003
wp_ss_20140714_0012 wp_ss_20140715_0006

Brandon plans to open up Tweetium for Windows Phone on a much wider beta in the near future although there is no specific timeline at this point.

Keep an eye on that Twitter account for your chance to join in the testing of what is certainly going to be a great Twitter app for Windows Phone.