Are you fed up with Facebook deciding it is OK to automatically play every video you see posted in your social Newsfeed?

Well fight back and save some bandwidth by turning the feature off.

From just click on the upside down triangle on the far right side of the Facebook site and then select Settings from the drop down menu.


On your Settings page select the very bottom item, Videos, and click on the drop down on the right side and click on Off.


No more auto start videos in your Facebook Newsfeed.

As it is noted on the Video Settings page, this only works for your desktop and Facebook in the browser.

Currently the official Facebook apps on Windows Phone and Windows desktop do not provide an option to turn off the automatic playing of videos however, those apps already did not play videos automatically anyway.

That means with this settings change, anyone in the Windows ecosystem will not suffer with the auto playing of videos.

So did you opt out of the automatic playing of videos on Facebook?

Thanks to my sister for sharing this tip on her Facebook timeline!