I know everyone is not able to get a brand new Surface Pro 3 today as the new device from Microsoft becomes available at retail.

However, one thing we can all grab today, which all of those new Surface Pro 3 owners will see when they boot that new machine up, is the default wallpaper on the Surface Pro 3 desktop.

You have already seen glimpses of it around the web in various product images such as these from the Microsoft Store website:



I have already given it a new home on my Surface 2 and as you can see the 3500 x 2800 wallpaper adjusts well to the 16:9 ratio of my Surface 2.

Screenshot (150) Screenshot (149)

What is great about this wallpaper is the fact there is not a Surface Pro 3 label on it but simply Microsoft Surface.

That means any Surface enthusiast/user as well as anyone else can proudly display it on their own device or desktop machine to celebrate this great piece of hardware.

Want a copy for yourself?

Then you are in luck because thanks to a benefactor of the site I have been provided a copy of this wallpaper and it is available for download from WindowsObserver.com in its full original resolution and size.

Download: Surface Pro 3 Default Wallpaper (5016 downloads )  (3500 x 2800 pixels; 3.59 MB)


Update: Here is a blue tinted version of the above wallpaper.

Surface Pro 3 Wallpaper (Blue) (3325 downloads )