Actually it might be three or more features based on the June Xbox update that is currently rolling out.

As I have watched the news of the June Xbox Update across social media and read about the features and new apps that are being introduced in it, a pattern has emerged that I want to share with you.

For background purposes I am an Xbox 360 owner. I joined the console world back in September 2008 and have not regretted my choice of platform. I have watched the Xbox 360 go through some major changes over these six years. Those changes have positioned it as an entertainment hub which includes streaming entertainment as well as the gaming it is known for.

With Xbox One entering the game console arena last November and this month’s console update the separation between the two consoles is becoming even more obvious.

I knew when Xbox One was coming out that it was going to be a different console to the 360. I mean how could it not be. It’s debut would be eight years after the Xbox 360 which meant it had much more advanced technology at its disposal. Some of that did not even exist back in 2005.

Fast forward to now and the June Xbox Update.

Included in this update is the very popular elimination of the Xbox Live Gold subscription pay wall that was required to stream media from many of the entertainment apps included in Xbox One and Xbox 360.

It is great news to see that being applied to the consoles and it does make a lot of sense. I have no doubt those without Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are excited about this update for that reason alone.

However, the good news for Xbox 360 users stops right there as it relates to this console update.

Three very popular enhancements that are arriving with the June update will not be available on both consoles.

Here are three new exclusive Xbox One features from the June update:

  • External Storage – the ability to add up to two external USB 3.0 storage devices to your Xbox One.
  • Real Names – allow your friends and followers to see your by your real name on Xbox Live instead of your gamertag.
  • Twitter Integration – complete integration to your Xbox One to see what is trending on Twitter relating to the show you are watching. You also have the ability to retweet and favorite tweets in the social media conversation.

Those are some fantastic features that I am sure the more than 80 million Xbox 360 owners worldwide would like to see integrated with their console as well however, that is not likely to happen.

Up to this point I have not even taken into account the more than 45 new entertainment apps being introduced at next week’s Xbox- Game On E3 briefing.

Which of those will never see the light of day on Xbox 360?

As I write this post visions of Windows XP and its recent end of support date dance in my head along with the 25% of desktop users who still cling to their Windows XP machines.

Just like them, eventually Xbox 360 users will be forced to give up on this console because it will no longer be supported either.

At least for Xbox 360 users the writing is only on the wall based on the features we are not getting on our consoles instead of a specific concrete date moving forward.

I wonder when that day is coming?