Office 365 has been growing by leaps and bounds since it first came out as evidenced by it enjoying over 4 million subscribers as of the latest count from Microsoft.

They also recently expanded the subscription options to the Office 365 suite of software. The newly renamed Office 365 Home is $99.99 per year for up to five installs and the new Office 365 Personal subscription is good for one install and costs $69.99 per year.

Each of those subscription plans allow the installs to be made on any combination of PC’s or Mac’s and include the licensing to use the subscription on up to five tablets for Office 365 Home and one for Office 365 Personal.

The fact that the Office for iPad apps, which have been downloaded over 28 million times,  can be activated with an Office 365 subscription to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents probably helped push the increase in subscriptions so it is an area that Microsoft is focusing on to help new subscribers with the service.

To that end Microsoft has released a new guide to help those subscribers learn their way around Office 365.


The Getting Started: Office 365 Quick Reference Guide, which is available from the Microsoft Download Center, shows the subscriber how to access and use their subscription on both desktops and tablets.

The Microsoft Office 365 suite of cloud-based services and productivity tools helps you work and collaborate wherever you are, online or offline. Office 365 provides access to services like Microsoft Lync communications software and Microsoft SharePoint Online. It also includes the Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software, the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation graphics program, and the Microsoft OneNote note-taking program. And you can use them on virtually any device.

The guide covers the following areas:

  • Signing in to Office 365
  • Reading email
  • Working on files
  • Synching and sharing files
  • Installing software
  • Using Office 365 on a mobile device

Like the other resource guides they have released recently there are some additional links to help users out:

You can download the one page Get Started: Office 365 Quick Reference Guide, which is provided in Word .docx format, from the Microsoft Download Center.