Well Microsoft had their small Surface event this morning in New York City but the small was not about what everyone thought it would be.

However, the larger device we also heard rumors about was confirmed as the Surface Pro 3 and to be honest it looks like a great device.

Satya Nadella led things off and talked about the focus and energy the company has put into developing this line of hardware and how it was important to note these devices are not made for the people in the room but for the customer.

Surface Pro 3 Launch Event in New York City on May 20, 2014

Then Panos Panay, Microsoft Corporate VP for Surface, came on stage and got down to the business of revealing Surface Pro 3. And yes, the reveal including an on stage drop of the device – just no skate boarding this time!

I tweeted this but must add the comment here – Panos is passionate about what he does. It has come across every time I see him talk about these products both in person and on a live stream.

Surface Pro 3 Launch Event in New York City on May 20, 2014

Microsoft has a page of information available including videos, spec sheets and  images already available at the Microsoft News Center but here are links directly to those items:

So how are the initial reactions to Surface Pro 3?

Lets take a look around the Internet and find out.

There are a few stories floating around the web about what was not announced today, the Surface Mini, so here are links to some of that related news.

So what do you think  about today’s news?