We are a global community and the folks over at Microsoft’s Open Technologies, whose primary mission is to build bridges between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies, has released a WordPress plugin that will use Bing Translator for your site’s translation service and help you be part of that global community.

The Bing Translator Plugin is already available on WordPress and can be easily implemented on your site using one of the following three methods according to Roopali Kaujalgi, the Senior Program Manager for Microsoft’s Open Technologies.

    • Simply drag the Bing Translator Widget (which was added to your Available Widgets during installation) to any widget-enabled area in your WordPress theme.
    • Use the Bing button in the UI to Embed a [ bing_translator ] shortcode into the editor of any post, page, or custom post type.
    • Add a php bing_translator PHP function to one of your theme’s template files.

However, they have gone the extra step and provided screencast videos to help you with the setup just in case you need it:

Here are some screenshots of the plugin in action on WindowsObserver.com:


The Bing Translator Widget (you pick your label/name)


Bing Translator Language Selection


Dutch Translation


Italian Translation