Once again a large social media company has added a new feature to their service and decided that everyone should be included in the initial capabilities of that feature.

What I am talking about is Twitter’s latest feature – photo tagging.

According to the official Twitter blog post, Photos just got more social, users on the social media network can tag up to 10 other Twitter users in a photo that they are sharing on the service. Interestingly enough the tagged users do not eat into the 140 character tweet limitation either so Twitter really wants you to use this new feature and still have all 140 characters for your tweet.

In fact, they want you to use it so badly that they decided that everyone should be in the available pool of users who can be tagged in a photo by other users.

They did this by choosing to Opt In all Twitter accounts.


You can access this setting on Twitter by clicking on the Twitter Settings gear in the Twitter web interface and then selecting Security and Privacy.

Under the Privacy heading just Opt Out of being taggable in photos by selecting Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos.

So my question to you is this – would you prefer to be opted in or out on these types of features?