I am very excited to share that Next Matters, the developers of the popular Nextgen Reader apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8, have partnered with me here at WindowsObserver to offer the Windows 8 version of their app for free starting tomorrow morning.

In the past they have provided the Windows Phone version of this app at no cost but this is the first time they have ever offered Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 as a free download.

Normally the app costs $2.99, which is a great value by the way, but beginning at approximately 9:00 AM Eastern Time on 10 March 2014 the app will be free for anyone on Windows 8/8.1 for approximately 24 hours.


This app is the one and only interface I use to access my collection of RSS feeds on Feedly Cloudly and it allows me to quickly and easily share items directly to my social media channels and also tag them for sharing to Twitter via Buffer.

It is an extra bonus that I can also use Nextgen Reader on my Windows Phone to do the same things when I am mobile and away from my Windows 8 desktop.

If you are curious how I curate links using Nextgen Reader and other tools you can read my post How I Curate and Share Links in the Post Google Reader Era for more details.

Nextgen Reader has been rated a total of 734 times in the Windows Store for an average rating of 4.4 stars and it is currently listed as the 3rd most popular app in the News and Weather category and in the Top Paid apps in the same category.

However, thanks to our partnership with Next Matters you will get to join the ranks of Nextgen Reader users on Windows 8 at no cost.

Keep an eye on my Twitter account, @WinObs, for word on when the free download is live.