Earlier today I shared the fact that the Windows 8.1 Mail app has over 60 keyboard shortcuts in that one app alone.

That prompted me to do a little research about how extensive the keyboard shortcuts list is for the entire OS and its built in apps.

There is a complete listing of all of the Windows 8.1 related keyboard shortcuts on the Windows Support site broken down by OS function and apps.

Here is a quick breakdown of the number of keyboard shortcuts you have available on Windows 8.1 and its built in applications:

New for Windows 8/8.1 21
General 45
Windows Logo Key 54
Dialogue Box 10
File Explorer 23
Taskbar 5
Ease of Access 6
Magnifier 9
Narrator 15
Narrator Touch Keyboard 8
Remote Desktop 17
Windows Help Viewer 12
Application Rearranging 6
Calculator 76
Calendar 18
Mail 61
People 10
Messaging 5
Paint 31
Reader 8
Windows Journal 19
OneDrive (SkyDrive) 13
WordPad 44
IE 77

I was aware that Windows 8.1 had not abandoned the mouse and keyboard because I use the OS daily in that non-touch configuration but I am quite amazed at the extensive list of keyboard shortcuts on the OS.

In particular the number of shortcuts available to a simple app like Calculator with 76 is simply unreal.

For an operating system that had apparently left the mouse and keyboard behind having nearly 600 keyboard shortcuts sends a very different message doesn’t it?

Are you a keyboard user? Any favorite shortcuts you want to share with everyone?

Source: Windows 8.1 Support Keyboard Shortcuts Page