Everyone on social media was pretty shell shocked to hear Nokia announce their rumored Android based device earlier today during Mobile World Congress.

Many viewed it as a slap in Microsoft’s face on the verge of the Finnish phone companies purchase by the Redmond device and services company.

Whether you agree with the move or not it is becoming more apparent that Nokia did not build this device in a vacuum outside of Microsoft’s awareness and knowledge.

In a blog post that just went live on the official Skype Blog at Microsoft the team admits they built a customized version of the Skype app just for Nokia’s Android phones.

For the Nokia X family, we’ve specifically customized the Skype for Android app to bring you the same, great experience you get on existing Android devices. This means you’ll:

  • Reach anyone, anywhere: Skype for Android complements the family of platforms on which you can enjoy Skype. Android users can connect with people they care about most on any device with Skype installed – PCs, Surface, Windows Phone, iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires, Xbox Ones, Androids, Macs and even TVs.
  • Always be reachable: You can feel confident to leave Skype running in the background as we’ve designed the app to have only a very small impact on battery life. Call waiting is also available for Skype calls, and switching from a Skype call to a phone call is simple.
  • Make calls the way you want them: During your Skype call you can now easily navigate from landscape to portrait view and toggle between front and back cameras.

Does this seem like a company that plans to rub out the existence of Nokia X when they finalize their purchase of Nokia’s Phone division?

Source: Say hello to Skype for the Nokia X Family