Brandon Paddock, aka @BrandonLive, the one man development shop that has brought us the awesome Tweetium App for Windows is pushing things forward with the upcoming 2.0 release.

Overnight Brandon invited beta testers to grab the Beta 1 release of 2.0, which is Build 118, to try out the new features with the main addition being TweetMarker support.

TweetMarker will require a Pro account for Tweetium but that Pro membership also gives you access to other unique features such as multiple Twitter accounts.

Other changes from the current 1.5.5 release of Tweetium are:

  • New themes! A new White 2.0 theme is now the default, and a new Dark 2.0 theme is available.
  • New logo and tile assets
  • TweetMarker support! (requires additional Pro purchase)
  • Connect tab now shows recent RTs of your tweets (UI not finished)
  • Improved live tile
  • Added lock screen badge support (more frequently live tile updates if enabled)
  • Users can now be blocked, unblocked, and reported as spammers from their profile pages.
  • The search box is now collapsed to a glyph by default, giving more space in the nav bar.
  • Search can now be used at smaller window sizes.
  • Share target UI now respects font size settings and makes better use of space
  • Images now open in a full-window viewer when tapped (UI not finished)
  • Enabled embedding for images
  • There is no longer an option to mute yourself
  • Fixed a rare bug where certain tabs could get stuck blank
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate DM tiles could appear after collapsing a thread.
  • Fixed crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting (Watson)

You will notice the top item in Brandon’s list of additions are two new themes – White 2.0 and Black 2.0.

Here are screenshots of what they look like:

Screenshot (293)

Screenshot (292)

Of course all of those original themes in Tweetium are still there but these are quite nice. I really like how he added the contrasting bar across the top of the app screen.

It is good to see the development and popularity of Tweetium move forward.