As I watch the development of the Tweetium App for Windows over the last four major point updates it is truly an example of development done right in so many ways.

It is a great implementation of a modern app to use Twitter and gives you great flexibility in how you interact with it and use it from multiple windows, muting some users temporarily or permanently and Twitter streaming done right in a unique UI layout.

However, the release notes that Brandon Paddock includes with each release, even minor point updates, are an example that all developers should look at. They are detailed and even at times explain why he made a change or added a feature.

When you start up the app after an update you get an inline notice highlighting the significant change that accompanies the update.


As you can see above this version 1.4 update introduces a UI enhancement that lets you go back up to 400 tweets to catch up with your Twitter feed since you last logged into Tweetium.

According to the Tweetium release notes page here is the entire list of items addressed in version 1.4:

  • New UI affordance for jumping to last seen (up to 400 tweets back)
  • Sync/Stream engine refinements to reduce rate limit impact, improve performance, and to enable other feature work
  • Limit DM thread length to last 50 messages for now (better performance)
  • Timed mutes now expire correctly
  • Fixed mutes to work correctly with progressive loading
  • Back button now preserves tweet expansion and focus in common cases
  • Fixed a problem where keyboard focus could be lost on app resume
  • Fixes to quote tweet behavior with certain links
  • Improvements to handling of some network errors
  • Added rate limit indicator
  • Improved animation when switching to a scope from the navbar drop-down.
  • Audio from embedded videos now stops playing when the thread is dismissed.
  • Fixed a possible crash when updated settings are roamed from other machines.
  • Added version number to Privacy/About page
  • Fixed some text clipping issues in larger font size settings
  • Tweet composer now respects font size settings
  • Dot indicating an updated tab has a better color in Midnight Blue themes
  • Updated small tiles logos to match larger ones.

The updates alone for Tweetium have been more than worth the entry price of $2.99 for the app.

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