Most of us love seeing app updates on the platforms we use and I certainly do on Windows Phone.

My first thought when I see that update indication is what might have changed in the app or maybe they added support for functions that are already available in the apps iOS and Android cousins.

The first issue with all of this is the lack of change logs when apps are updated but that is a subject for the podcast and another post.  Most of the time we are left to try and figure out what changed ourselves.

Then there are a few devs and companies who do include what has changed and the update to Instagram’s official app on Windows Phone thankfully includes a change log for their .2 version update.

However, if you were hoping to see the addition of video support and the new Instagram Direct feature launched recently then you may be disappointed.

Here is what Instagram has added in the update that has just become available in the Windows Phone Store:

Instagram Beta V .2 update contains bug and crash fixes, UI improvements, and the following additional features: Tag people in photos, Photo Maps

I must admit not every official app is being treated on Windows Phone like Instagram is treating theirs. Many are well designed and have feature parity with their iOS and Android relatives and that is good to see from a lot of big name companies.

Eventually half baked official apps will become the rarity instead of the unfortunate norm it is these days.

Download: Instagram Beta for Windows Phone