This past Sunday the guys over at McAkins Online discovered that Microsoft had posted their Project Spark Windows 8.1 app to the Windows Store but it was only available in Kazakhstan.

However, the description was in English and we posted about McAkins find here at since it was a great discovery.

Well now the app has gone live to a broader audience and is now available in the Windows Store for almost everyone to download but there are a couple of things that will slow you down from using it.

The first is a need for a beta key. You can sign up at but according to Microsoft they are sending out the codes in a slow and methodical manner.


The second item is that the Project Spark app is only compiled to run on x86/x64 platforms so if you are running Surface or Surface 2 you will get an error when you try to download the app.

Screenshot (271)

Let us know when you get your beta keys and how the rest of the app is. I am waiting on mine so I hope to be able to get you more details on the app soon.