Welcome to Cyber Week everyone. After Cyber Monday and of course Black Friday and the weekend the madhouse sales are quieting down.

One of the great deals that was offered this past weekend was the Microsoft Surface (RT) first generation device for just $199.99 – a savings over $150.

I now work in retail for Best Buy and I can tell you that we sold out of them as it was a very popular deal in our store. So I can imagine there are a lot of new Surface owners out there learning their way around a new device.

If you are looking for a little assistance in that exploration then you should grab the downloadable Surface RT User Guide from Microsoft.

The Surface RT guide is 3.27MB in size and 93 pages long. It will give you a great reference as you try out your new Surface.

There are also guides available for the Surface 2 (3.75MB) and the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 (3.73MB).

Note: All of the above links are to the direct PDF file download from Microsoft’s Download Center.