Back in September I decided to give Windows Phone App Studio a try and see how easy it was to build a Windows Phone App through the web browser. That experience went very well and it resulted in two apps that I then published called ISS Jax and ISS Passes.

I even have a 10 minute video posted that walks through the creation of an app using Windows Phone App Studio. It only took 10 minutes to have an app ready to submit for certification to the Windows Phone Store which I thought was very impressive.

I decided to do an update for my ISS Passes app using the Windows Phone App Studio this past week and editing/updating an app is simple inside the browser based programming tool.

ISS Passes provides information about seeing the International Space Station as it makes a visible pass over certain locations based on the 10 most popular US and International cities according to NASA’s Spot The Station website.

My new addition to the app for this update was to add cities that are related to the Space Program both here in the US and Russia.


My next goal for this app is to see if I can add the ability to select your own city and retrieve the visible pass list for that location.

Download ISS Passes for Windows Phone.