Yesterday I wrote about my recent experience of figuring out the reason for an intermittent Office 365 connectivity issue to my Hosted Exchange email accounts and how I solved it.

In the process of all that research and troubleshooting I came across two recent Office 365 tools that can help you with issues your Office 365 setup might be experiencing.

These are handy to have in your toolbox if you manage the Office 365 infrastructure for your organization or even if you are a home user like I am.

The first tool is a new Office 365 Admin tool for Windows Phone 8.


 Office 365 service administrators can connect to their organization’s Office 365 service status from wherever they are with the Office 365 Admin app. The new app enables administrators to view service health information and maintenance status updates from their mobile device. They can also filter information by service subscriptions and configure app data refresh intervals. To access service health data with the Office 365 Admin app, you must have an active Office 365 subscription with administrator user rights.

The second tool is the Outlook Connectivity to Office 365 Troubleshooter.

When you use this tool you will be shown a series of pages with different troubleshooting steps and links to try and narrow down what is causing your connectivity issues to Office 365.

Consider that there might not be a single solution, but a combination of factors contributing to the problem. Following the walk through will allow you to isolate and remedy the most common causes of Outlook connectivity issues to Office 365. This walk through is not meant to replace all of the data that helps you understand Outlook connectivity issues, but rather quickly give you the steps you need to help find the solution. The walk through focuses on all version of Office 365.

You can access the Outlook Connectivity to Office 365 Troubleshooter at