I must admit I was slightly knocked off centered when I saw that this app was a beta.

After waiting so long for it I expected we would get a fully functioning version with an official app.

However, that is not the case here because not only is this official version a beta but it does not support videos which have been part of Instagram’s offering for over 5 months.

To be honest I am just as happy to use Rudy Huhn’s 6tag Windows Phone App which supports the entire Instagram feature set and Rudy put together this app in a matter of days.

In fact, when you search for Instagram at the Windows Phone Store web interface Rudy’s 6tag comes up first:


Rudy’s app has nearly 40K reviews for an average of 4.5 Stars while the Instagram official app has 350 reviews for an average of 4 Stars.

Granted, 6tag has been in the Windows Phone Store for quite some time but I think it will be hard for this poorly executed official app to make any forward movement unless they get it up to speed very quickly.

Maybe they should bring Rudy onboard to make that happen.

Just goes to prove that our Windows Phone developers who are making some great third party apps for these popular services play a vital role in the Windows Phone app ecosystem.

Instagram BETA in Windows Phone Store

6tag in Windows Phone Store