I must admit that at times, when I get a new piece of tech gear, I skip the online registration most of the time.

Whether that can be considered a good or bad habit is likely debatable but there are certainly benefits you may be missing out on so maybe it is not a bad thing to get this done when you first get that new toy.

In the case of Microsoft Surface there is one central portal for registering your device, getting warranty service, buying a service plan or replacing an accessory if needed.

The Surface Online Service Center allows you to sign in with your all encompassing Microsoft Account and then registration is one page where you just enter your personal contact info and then your device and the serial number.


Other options at the service center include:

  • Report a problem with your device
  • Check the status of an order
  • Check warranty status
  • Mange your devices
  • Buy a service plan
  • Replace an accessory

That last one lets you purchase a Wireless Keyboard Adapter, VGA Adapter, HD Digital AV Adapter or a Surface Power Supply. The best part is that if your device is under warranty those accessories can be replaced at no cost to you.

Jason Coombes, who tweeted the link to the service center, told me that apparently it is possible that second generation Surface owners could get a first generation power supply as a replacement.

Both of these versions of the power supply have the same power rating and work with either generation but are designed slightly different with the second generation version having the new wrap around light indicator instead of the single point of light on top of the adapter. The second generation power adapter also had its angle tweaked to make it easier to plug in the device as well.

I do know of one person who, due to Jason’s tweet, has now been able to order a replacement power supply to replace their bunny chewed original.

Apparently the rabbit will not become stew now.