Greetings as we begin a new week. Check your clocks and make sure you are on Daylight Saving Time otherwise you will be early to everything!

FAA Okays Gadget Use Throughout Flights (All Things D) – There was much celebration across tech blogs last week when the FAA announced they would allow electronics to be used from gate to gate on airline flights.  Within less than 24 hours two airlines implemented the changes on their own flights and JetBlue even tweeted out an image of everyone on an airplane holding their electronic devices up on the airplane that got a lot of exposure.  There are two things I do not get in all this. One is those announcements that said our electronics interfered with an aircraft’s navigation and electronic were apparently all bogus and secondly can we not put down our electronics for about 20 minutes to take off and land? Are we that attached to these electronic leashes?

Thoughts on reviewing tech products (Learning by Shipping – Steven Sinofsky) – If you want to really learn the insights to many things tech related then you should read the former Windows Chief’s blog. In this post he talks about an approach to reviewing tech products that would revolutionize what we see now from major tech sites. What if everyone did take their time and spend 4-8 weeks with a product before writing a review of the hardware and ecosystem? What a difference we would see in these reviews. Shame that the industry is such where speed is apparently the most important factor in publishing a review.

Warner Bros. apologizes for Arkham Origins’ game-breaking bugs (VG 24/7) – There have been a lot of reported bugs with the recently released Batman: Arkham Origins game and those bugs have prompted an apology for the nearly unplayable game. When you head into a store to purchase a new release game at $60 a pop there is a reasonable expectation that the quality level will be such that the game is playable.  When you add recent issues with games like SimCity and how they could not handle the crush of players it seems gaming companies need to better prepare for releases across the board from the game itself and the support infrastructure that goes with it.

Enjoy your week and stay safe out there.