Finding out what gets updated in this official app is a true detective type of experience.  I am not sure why everyone is so adverse to a simple set of release notes when an app is updated.

Anyway, it was actually pretty easy to find the major change in this update of the Official Facebook App on Windows 8.1 by comparing the App Settings information.

Old Version
Today’s Update

When you click that Notifications Settings item you will get this:


This is a long list of notification events you can turn on and off through this settings panel.

Here are all the items included:

  • Messages
  • Wall
  • Poke
  • Friend Request
  • Friend Confirmed
  • Feed Confirmed
  • Feed Comment Reply
  • Share Comment
  • Share Reply
  • Photo Tag
  • Photo Comment
  • Photo Album Comment
  • Photo Reply
  • Photo Comment Tagged
  • Photo Album Reply
  • Event Invite
  • Event Update
  • Event Cancel
  • Added to Group

Talk about a pretty nice fine level of control for the toasts you will receive form this app now – very nice update.

I also know this will please many out there who wanted to turn chat off in the app so at least with this update they can silence the alerts.

View in the Windows Store – Official Facebook App