Correct MMS APN settings for Nokia Lumia 520 on the StraightTalk network

Note: This is a guest tech post by Mike Ducroiset (@MikeDuke1969).  Mike lives in Long Island New York and is a newly admitted patent attorney.  He worked for 17 years in the computer industry, has an undergraduate degree in Photonics and a love for technology.

I recently switched from Android to Windows phone.  Looking for quality but not wanting to spend a lot I chose the Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone.   I purchased it for $99 and I chose StraightTalk’s  $45/month unlimited prepaid plan.  Everything worked great until I started receiving text messages with attachments.  Since I probably spent more time going down the wrong path and because of the massive sales of this great quality, low cost phone I wanted to post this information because I figured others would be adding this phone to the StraightTalk network.

The Problem

The text portion of the message would appear but the attachments would not.  In their place of the attachment was the message: “Get media content now” with the file size in parenthesis as shown below:

2013-10-30_20-22-34_609 (2)

When I clicked the link, it would change to “Getting media content now” but after a few seconds would revert to the first message. I found a good deal of information and a lot of misinformation for configuring MMS APN settings, however most of the information was for other phones models and from 2010 or 2011 before GDR2 was out. Apparently in earlier OS’s you needed to download an app to configure these settings.

The Solution and the Correct Configurations

Finally I launched a support ticket StraightTalk via their website. I chose the email option because I find it more convenient. When you do this, make sure you have the last 15 digits of your SIM ID handy. The information they sent me was generic and designed for most Lumia devices so the fields didn’t match my Lumia 520.

Below however explains how to configure those settings in order for MMS to work correctly on a 520. I am running GDR3, but I believe the configurations for MMS are the same on GDR2 which is the default OS for the 520.

The most important first step is to delete the MMS APN settings that are currently there. To get to the configuration, go to Settings\cellular. Swipe to the lower part of the screen to find “edit mms apn”. Press the “X” at the bottom of the screen to delete the current settings.

After you delete the settings they still appear, so you need to reboot your 520.

After rebooting, go back to Settings\cellular and “edit mms apn”.

Below are two screenshots of the parameters which need to be set. You need to swipe down to get to all the fields in the second screenshot.

2013-10-30_21-54-35_281 (2) 2013-10-30_21-55-08_507 (2)

Here are the fields and entries for those who cannot view the images:

APN: tfdata
User name: (leave blank)
Password: (leave blank)
WAP gateway (URL):
WAP gateway port: 80
MMSC port: 80
Maximum MMS size: (leave blank)

After entering the items, have someone send you a text with an attachment to test out. I hope this helps. I have not tested these settings on other GDR2/3 Lumia devices, but I would venture to guess that they would work as well.

37 thoughts on “Correct MMS APN settings for Nokia Lumia 520 on the StraightTalk network

  1. Thank you for taking the time to figure these things out for people like me! I just bought my hubby the Nokia 520, and we love them, but was frustrated that we couldn’t get pics. Now I love my phone even more!!! :)

  2. I used this info to fix my wife’s lumia 520, but now the internet isn’t working, help. I leave the states for year in less than a week

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this, with the pictures! I spent about 2 hours trying to get it right, and couldn’t do anything without wifi on my husband’s phone. He’ll be happy to have data tomorrow, and I can’t wait to get my new SIM card to use this on mine tomorrow! The info was the same as I’d seen on other sites (ST had other data to put in that wouldn’t work) but you showed WHERE to put it, which was very helpful, since none of the fields on the 520 are the same as the other sites say to use! Thanks!! AT&T can keep their $40 limited plan (which runs out of data in week one, even if you aren’t actively doing anything not on wifi) I’ll gladly pay $45 for ST’s unlimited plan! :D

    • Wow – thanks for your reply – very pleased this helped you out. It is always nice to get things sorted out so you can use the technology and not fight it!

  4. We can get the espn and the weather channel app to work but we can’t download anymore apps without the microsoft account. He can’t get on internet explorer because no matter if it is ebay or yahoo the little green bar will only load about 90-95% then it shows an error code. One of the error codes we have got it was FFFFFE70. He is trying to do a factory reset. We have called Straight Talk numorous times and still not working.

  5. omg I was getting so frustrated trying to figure this out. But then i came accros your site and info and it fixed mine! Mine is the Nokia Lumina 520 with Windows 7. Thanks so much! Oh and ppl you have to be very careful when placing the info because it is VERY easy to put it in the wrong spot.

    • I am very pleased to hear that these settings worked for you. It is always nice to figure an issue out and get back to full functionality.

  6. These settings do not work on my Nokia Lumia 520 my internet works fine and regular txt msgs and phone calls are all fine but mms does not work. My question is does my phone have to be unlocked in order for these settings to work?

  7. i cant get onto the internet or any other things like facebook or instagram unless i am connected to there a way to make it so i can use my phone for this stuff even when im not connected to wifi?

  8. Teresa in Charlotte February 27, 2014 at 3:52 PM -

    I did exactly as Mike Ducroiset instructed for my Nokia Lumina 520 on Straight Talk. It works perfectly. YAY! Thank you Mike, and thank you Richard for this wonderful resource!

  9. After 2 week of going crazy trying to figure out why everything worked (data and text) except mms, using the same entries here and trying about 20 different found all over the internet, I FINALLY got pictures to send and receive. All fields the same as what Richard stated, except instead of leaving the “User Name” blank I put in STRAIGHT_TALK (typed exactly like that) in that field, and it works perfect now. Hope this helps someone.

  10. Tammy and Richard, do you guys have a data plan with your phone? I was told it’s not necessary but att support is saying I have to pay for it.

  11. Like many other AT&T users, I recently ported my number to Straight Talk and was having issue with MMS setting. Fortunately, I found your site. Thank you for sharing the info and they’ve been very helpful!

  12. Hi,My boyfriend has the Windows phone 8 from straight talk,and we have been trying to figure out this stuff for days,every since he activated the phone,he could get internet,just not mms messages and he couldn’t receive them either,well I looked at the internet for hours,and finally came to some things,he entered att.mvno and tfdata in and one of them seemed to work but he could only send the pictures he couldn’t receive.. and when that happened,he couldn’t get internet either. we have called straight talk and done everything we know how to do. Any advice? please&thanks.

    • If these settings did not work for you all then hopefully Straight Talk can sort them out. I am hearing this is an issue for a lot of folks on some of these no-contract phones. Should definitely be better support.

    • Just got off the phone with technical support (Straight Talk). The settings in the main part of this article are the supposed correct settings. ST is aware of this problem with 520 and I was told that they are supposedly working on finding a solution. The tech was honest and didn’t make up excuses. The tech said they are not sure when this will be fixed only that it is being worked on and they are getting many complaints on this phone model (my 520 is very new / Black Friday). For now sending pics through e-mail. This stinks but really hope they come out with a fix soon or will have to go to ATT (not sure if send pics is worth the extra $ 15 a month charge though? :(

  13. I’m thinking of switching my 520 to ST, so many issues thou it scares me to spend the $52 to get the AT&T/ST sim and 30 day phone card… I only have my 520 for 2 weeks now on AT&T GoPhone, it came preloaded with the Amber update from what I understand, will these settings work? Also, wondering, will the internet sharing feature work if I switch to ST or will it still be blocked? Having that feature was the main reason I purchased this phone and because its prepaid, AT&T has it blocked from being a usable feature…

  14. Finally after giving up on Straight Talk, and searching on line for a day, I was lucky enough to find your help you had the correct settings. Thank you so much !
    Everything works correctly now. I do love the windows 8 phone.

  15. I finally got mine to work, my apn had to have Straight Talk to work. Everything else is the same.
    Thank you so much.

  16. Thank you so much ! I can receive my picture messages I greatly appreciated your information and the information you posted was awesome again Thank you God Bless you ! :)

  17. Dude you rock! This worked on my unlocked Lumia 925. This has been pissing me off since i switched to Straight Talk.

  18. These are the correct settings for new ST SIM cards or for customers who called ST customer support. When you call or open a ticket with ST CS, they make a change to your account and force you to use the tfdata APN.
    These settings will not work for old customers who did not have their account migrated to the tfdata APN. Those customers should instead use the following MMS APN settings:

    APN – att.mvno
    WAP gateway (URL) –
    WAP gateway port – 80
    MMSC (URL)
    MMSC port – 80
    Leave all other fields blank.

    BTW, the APN settings have nothing to do with whatever Windows Phone version you’re running (formerly called GDR).

    Took me a couple of hours and many APN changes to find the one working config, so I hope this helps others like me who did not have the account migrated to tfdata APN yet.