Welcome to the first weekend of November and if you live here in the US don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight one hour before going to bed for Daylight Savings Time.

Surface 2: Thinking different about my device experience (All About Microsoft) – Here is another look at the Surface 2 from Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley. She does great subjective reviews of devices for how it fits her style of use and so you get a great perspective. In this story she shares her own thoughts about the Surface 2 as an upgrade to the original Surface and whether she will make that upgrade or not.

Exclusive- Microsoft account to get enhanced account recovery and security features (Liveside) – It looks like your Microsoft account, which ties you into the entire Microsoft ecosystem, is going to get some new security updates to help make it even more secure.  These days you simply can not have enough security to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes and scammers.

IT pros now have a Windows Phone support forum of their own (Windows Phone Blog) – If you are an IT Pro and looking to support Windows Phone in your organization then you will like having access to a forum that focuses on your questions concerning Windows Phone. Share your own experiences, ask questions of the Windows Phone team and other IT folks in this targeted forum.

Bonus item – If you live on the US East Coast then you may be able to catch a glimpse of the annular eclipse at sunrise tomorrow (03 Nov) morning.  I will be heading to the beaches here in Jacksonville to photograph the event so look here on the site for photos later that same day.

Stay safe out there and never look directly at the Sun during an eclipse.