Update 29 Oct: Knowledge Base Article 2902864 has finally gone live and now shows that these updates remove the “Windows 8.1 SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly” watermark that appears on some upgraded Windows 8.1 systems. Hat tip to Ed Bott (@edbott) on Twitter for the link/update.

By the way, as confirmed by @ZuneTracks on Twitter, the updates linked below will not install on Surface (RT) so we have to wait for those to show up in Windows Update first.


Microsoft released another batch of updates late Monday to address issues in Windows 8.1 (x86/x64) and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Earlier on Monday Microsoft released updates to address the Modern Skype App crashing in Windows 8.1 so these updates are not the same however, I am unable to confirm exactly what they address because the associated Knowledge Base Article 2902864 comes up blank.


These updates should appear in your Windows Update for installation at some point.

As soon as the KB article goes live I will update the post with that info.