We have arrived at the last week of October and it looks like it will be a normal week wrapping up with Halloween and All Saints Day.

As for the tech side of things we will just have to keep an eye on things to see what comes up this week but I suspect a lot of conversation about how well Buffer handled the hack they experienced on Saturday.

Buffer got hacked but showed exactly how to handle it (WindowsObserver.com) – Speaking of Buffer I want to bring your attention to this post I wrote on Sunday about Buffer’s  reaction and handling of the hacking of their systems on Saturday. Not many services can get hacked and then get overwhelmingly praised for it but Buffer did and it was all because of how they communicated the event itself occurring and then their proactive communications afterwards.

Business Insider Launches Its Windows 8 App (Business Insider) – Folks might not always agree with their view on some things but BI is another big entity that has now brought their presence to the Windows Store with their new app. It can be downloaded here.

The Windows 8.1 launch has not been as smooth as I imagine Microsoft would have wanted it to be so there are a few posts around the web about dealing with post 8.1 upgrade issues. These are both from TechNet Blogs by Microsofties to help out with a couple of them. The first one, Something happened and the install of Windows 8.1 can’t be completed, has some assistance if your Windows Store based upgrade to Windows 8.1 keeps failing. The other one, Cannot connect to Windows Store (Windows 8.1, 8, RT and Pro), is another way to get reconnected with the Windows Store after the upgrade if you are unable to get inside.

Enjoy your week everyone and stay safe out there.