Eric Feng ( @efeng ), Flipboard’s Chief Technology Officer, was in Abu Dhabi today for Nokia World where he demoed the upcoming Flipboard App for Windows.

The app has been totally re-written and is not just a quick port from the iOS and Android Flipboard App.

In the re-write they have taken advantage of the Windows 8 UI and they have incorporated all of the Windows Gestures you expect solid Windows 8 apps to have.

I have seen conflicting reports of when this app will be available. Although the Flipboard CTO indicated during the demo that the app would be available in the next couple of weeks I have seen some reports that it may be out today.

One last thing – at the end of the demo of the Windows 8 Flipboard App he also showed a quick screenshot of Flipboard for Windows Phone. He indicated that the app would be out in the coming months.