Well I am finally on Windows 8.1 RTM on my Surface RT.  The upgrade process was fairly smooth with most of the issues coming in just trying to see the update in the Windows Store.

There is a way to force the Windows 8.1 update to appear in the store and this works for both x86/x64 and RT.  Just check out my earlier post, Try this if you are having trouble getting Windows 8.1 RTM in the Windows Store, to get that process started.

The first screen you will see is the Windows 8.1 Update in the Windows Store. Just click the download button to get things started.

Screenshot (227)

This next screen is about all you get for visual indicators during the download and install process.

Screenshot (230)

There will be two prompts during the installation process. The first will pop up if you are updating from the Windows 8.1 Preview as a reminder that you will need to reinstall your apps but your data, settings, files and user accounts will be there.

Screenshot (231)

When the update is finished installing you will get one final notice that indicates your PC needs to restart. If you are not around then it will happen automatically after several minutes.

Screenshot (232)

Once the Surface RT restarts it will go through a few reboots as it finishes up the installation. when all that is done you will go through the initial setup process and provide your password and select other settings you want by default. I am not sure why these settings did not carry over from the previous install though because it seems like they should

Once all those things are accomplished you will arrive on your Windows 8.1 Start Screen.

Screenshot (233)

At this point you can tackle sorting out your apps, Start Screen layout and make sure all your peripheral devices are properly connected and ready to be used.

Three additional things to remember to do at some point after you are all set up is to install any pending Windows Updates – which there will be a few.

Here are the updates that were waiting for me including that October firmware update from earlier this month.

Screenshot (234)

Then head into the Windows Store and download your app updates – the average number of updates I saw on PC’s in my house was about 20. Your mileage may vary depending on what you have installed.


Then the last thing is to run Disk Clean Up and get rid of that Windows.old directory which can take up a few GB’s on your hard drive. On my Surface RT it was occupying 4.2GB.

Make sure you have all your files in the new installation before doing this.


After all of this is done enjoy your newly updated Windows 8.1 device!