Try this if you are having trouble getting Windows 8.1 RTM in the Windows Store

As you might imagine the Windows Store, since it is the delivery mechanism for Windows 8.1 and app updates, is feeling the brunt of everyone trying to grab the latest bits for Windows 8.1.

It seemed as if Surface RT users were not seeing the update however, it now appears that was also related to the load on the Windows Store as it is delivering the updates.

Thanks to a tip from one of my Twitter followers, @dovellonsky, I was able to force my Windows Store to see the update and allow me to begin the installation.

Screenshot (227)

Just go to this page on your Windows 8 device – – and you will find two options depending on how you originally installed the Windows 8.1 Preview.

If you get a 403 or Forbidden Error keep trying it will eventually work because I had the same thing happening for about 20 minutes.

Good Luck.

9 thoughts on “Try this if you are having trouble getting Windows 8.1 RTM in the Windows Store

  1. Windows8ProUser April 2, 2014 at 9:13 AM -

    Hello Richard I have a problem I didn’t update to RTM Pro 8.1 but im on Windows 8 Pro I have this error when installing update KB2917499 I have this error when I install this update on standalone installer The update is not applicable to your computer pls how I fix it Im running the KMS version of Windows 8 Pro pls tell me how to fix it I just want to try windows 8.1 Pro

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  3. Here is another technique to force the update to show in the Windows Store – paste the following into a browser address bar – ms-windows-store:WindowsUpgrade – and hit return.

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