Earlier today in New York City Microsoft announced the second generation versions of their Surface hardware.  Please check out my post, Microsoft Surface 2 Launch Event Info and Resources, to see more details on the devices and announced accessories.

One of the areas that was at issue for the first generation of Surface was the cost for the devices.  Ultimately, Microsoft opted to cut their Surface RT down from $499 to $349 because inventory was not moving well and they also introduced a permanent price drop of $100 on Surface Pro models.

So, as you might imagine, price was a big discussion point as everyone awaited the second hardware iteration of Microsoft’s Surface devices.  Alongside of all the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 hardware enhancements there were several accessories announced today as well.

Listed below you will find the full Estimated Retail Pricing (ERP) for all of the new hardware and accessories.

Surface Pro 2 (all devices come with a Surface Pen)

  • 4GB RAM/64GB storage – $899
  • 4GB RAM/128GB storage – $999
  • 8GB RAM/256GB storage – $1,299
  • 8GB RAM/512GB storage – $1,799

Surface 2

  • 2GB RAM/32GB storage – $449
  • 2GB RAM/64GB storage – $549


  • Touch Cover 2 – $119.99
  • Type Cover 2 – $129.99
  • Power Cover – $199.99
  • Arc Touch Mouse (Surface Edition) – $69.99
  • Docking Station for Surface Pro – $199.99
  • Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers – $59.99
  • Car Charger with USB – $49.99

So any shockers on the price list?

Source: Microsoft Surface Newsroom